I love fresh cut grass and seeing kids fly kites. I love the golden hour before the sun sets, and seeing light shine through things.

I love watching things grow, I love house plants.

I’m a backyard adventurer, a lover of the sea, listener of waves.

I love listening to the birds wake me up in the morning and laying down in the grass, looking up through tree branches.

I grew up looking for four leaf clovers.

I love the feeling of a breeze on the back of my neck.

I love seeing weeds grow through the cracks in the sidewalk. I know nature is winning.

I believe in smiling at strangers.

I love making things by hand.

I grew up working on a farm during my childhood summers. I love fruit warm from the sun. I try to never waste food.

I love the artistry of words, especially the poetry found in ordinary things.

I love really good conversation with a friend.

I listen to my instincts, even when they don’t make sense to my brain.

I like hugs and I probably hold on a second too long…that’s the part that gets really good.

Try it.

I try to do things I’m afraid of every once in a while.

I love photography, not just for its ability to transport us back in time, but to allow us to feel again, to remind us of what’s most important.

I love moments and how they build up to tell stories.

I see beauty in every person I meet.

I most value authenticity. I love watching people just be themselves. There’s this beautiful thing that happens when people forget to be self conscious and just let go.

This is the spark of beauty I love to encourage. It’s not only beautiful in a photograph, it’s so fun to be a free spirit, even if just for small moments.

I try to look at my husband at least once each day as if I’ve never seen him before. I’m discovering new things daily.

The photographs I have of my family and friends are my most prized possessions.

I’m a big fan of love – what more is there to live for…really, it’s the one thing we hope to find, the one thing that makes everything else ok, that holds the world together.