Our Wedding {Part 1}

Oct 14, 2010

I have been meaning to share the images from our wedding but I’ve been procrastinating for a few reasons. There are so many images I’m in love with throughout the day, that I don’t even know where to begin. These pictures are so dear to my heart that I would prefer to invite you over for a cup of tea so I can talk you through each one, tell you what each one means to me, the feelings that correspond with each, and the stories of the people, those closest to us who came together to help us create the most magical day of our lives.

I go to weddings all of the time, I am constantly moved by the grace that each possesses, I cry a tiny bit at almost everyone.  But nothing prepared me for what I would feel on my own wedding day. I knew that I am deeply in love with Mike, I knew that we did everything we could to make the wedding truly *us*, not just visually, but really from the heart, I knew that we would dance and have lots of fun…I was aware of everything we were bringing to the day, but I couldn’t even conceive of what our family and friends would bring to the day. I didn’t realize how strongly I’d feel that.  I’ve never had that many people I’ve loved in one place before and it was an experience that defies words.  One of the reason’s I’ve been putting off sharing my story is that I can’t find words to describe that glowing, radiant feeling I had all day.  And for weeks afterward, still lingering now…

I think I can say that my heart grew at least two sizes that day, one from the pure happiness of being able to marry my best friend, the one person I feel most myself around, who makes everything feel right.  And an extra size from the love we received from our friends and family, those that came out of the woodwork to help us with the planning and setting up of our wedding, those that stayed up late talking and got up before sunrise to help, those that climbed ladders, those that gave up their homes, those that wrote us poetry, those that gave us really tight hugs, those that shared such kind, honest, heartfelt words, those that danced recklessly all night with us…and most especially for our parents, who not only gave us the freedom to follow our own path, but are the ones who taught us how to be truly ourselves in the first place.  They planted the seed for every bit of goodness Mike or I possess and we love them the whole wide world.

There are too many images to share even a fraction of my favorites, so I hope you’ll indulge me if I post too many.  Our photographer, Jose Villa, was amazing.  The images show how I felt in every moment and I can look at them now and feel it again.  That is pretty magical.

I designed the invitations and all the coordinating pieces scattered throughout…

Loved my florist, Fino Fresh Floral Design…

I love my mom.  And I love pictures that show how much I love my mom.

This is my sister. This picture hardly begins to speak of how much we love each other. She got married this summer, too, and I don’t think either of us could have done it without the other. She’s my best friend, my kindred spirit (if you’re at all familiar with the Anne of Green Gables movies we grew up on :)

Hidden in the acres of woods behind our house is an old abandoned chicken shack.  Mike did a bit of demolition  so we could paint a few signs…

My cousin’s own C N Smith Farm, which is located in East Bridgewater, about a mile from where we got married.  My grandmother grew up on that farm and I grew up working there during my summers as a kid.  It is a place that’s just part of me.  Many elements of the wedding were begged, borrowed and bought from the farm- including a tractor ride to back to our reception.  {If you’re local, you need to visit- every season is magical in a different way, but their apple cider is what fall is all about. }

Our ceremony was held at Sachem Rock Farm- a beautiful field in East Bridgewater, right down the street from where I grew up.  I used to walk down there a lot as a kid and it’s where Mike and I spent our first new year’s eve together star-gazing.  Since I’ve known that I wanted to marry Mike, I’ve imagined getting married there.  It’s a town owned property so in order to get permission the board of selectman vote on it (they voted unanimously).   I love small town democracy. And I love that I drive by the place where we were married all the time, that we could picnic there anytime…

I now have my own niece and nephew. They are sweeter than sliced pie.

What’s pretty cool is that I already have a set of awesome parents, but somehow I’m lucky enough to inherit a second set that are equally amazing. It seems almost unfair to the rest of the world…

We had a dear friend marry us.  Makes it especially cozy.  And he’s a poet- he wrote us a beautiful poem as part of the ceremony. 

One of my favorite images…such a tiny slice of the day.

Walking back up the aisle together = best feeling ever.

Something about this image reminds me of what black and white photography is all about…

My kid-lings…the little girl on the left is kind of my baby.  I used to help care for her and her sister (my bridesmaid) when they were just tiny things.  They both hold a big piece of my heart and they have some nerve growing up on me.

Amazing, amazing, amazing to have all of our grandmothers together.  Especially since one of mine came all the way from Australia.  The beauty of this did not go by unappreciated.  It really is the people in our lives that make us so rich.


  1. Abby
    October 19, 2010

    Aww,Kate!! You look so beautiful! I love all of the details of your wedding. Congrats again!

  2. Maryann Calnan
    January 29, 2011

    Dear Mike and Kate,
    We thoroughly enjoyed your wedding pictures and almost feel as though we were participants b/c of the detailed photography and your super descriptions. Richard and I are friends of your dear parents/in-laws, Gerry and Jerry. It is a pleasure to meet you both through this medium. We wish you all God’s blessings for your future together. Thank you for sharing your special, magical day.

  3. dana
    February 27, 2011

    you are such a beautiful bride :) love your day. And Jose’s images. Lovely to meet you.


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