Reading Newborn Photographer {Ciotti Family}

Jan 15, 2014

What if we are the answer
and love was the question?
What if all this time
it was us you were supposed
to find?

~ Tyler Knott001_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 002_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 003_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 004_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 005_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 006_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 007_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 008_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 009_newborn_photographer_reading_ma 010_newborn_photographer_reading_ma

I feel blessed to be trusted to save these moments, this fleeting time, this transformation…Rachel & Shawn, it has been beyond beautiful to watch you grow as a family…to have been there with you before you even were married…I am honored to tell your story, to give your children a picture of your love and what an incredible gift it is…I promise to hug, snuggle and tick fight with my little ones as much as you do with yours!

Reading Maternity Photographer {Ciotti Family}

Jan 14, 2014

Love you more than anyone
Love you more than anyone
Love you more in time to come
Love you more
~ Alexi Murdoch
001_maternity_photographer_reading_ma 002_maternity_photographer_reading_ma 003_maternity_photographer_reading_ma 004_maternity_photographer_reading_ma 005_maternity_photographer_reading_ma 006_maternity_photographer_reading_ma 007_maternity_photographer_reading_ma

Crane Estate Photographer {Jess & Jay}

Jan 9, 2014

Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me.

~ The White Stripes

001_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 002_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 003_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 004_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 005_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 006_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 007_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 008_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 009_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 010_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 011_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich

Jess & Jay,

Thank you for allowing me to be witness to your love. You remind me of everything that is right in the world.