Crane Estate Photographer {Jess & Jay}

Jan 9, 2014

Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me.

~ The White Stripes

001_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 002_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 003_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 004_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 005_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 006_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 007_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 008_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 009_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 010_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich 011_Crane_Estate_Photographer_Ipswich

Jess & Jay,

Thank you for allowing me to be witness to your love. You remind me of everything that is right in the world.

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