Portrait Photographer Westford MA {A Little Bit Bigger Ben}

Nov 24, 2010

I still can’t figure out why little one’s have to go and grow bigger in between the times I get to see them.  I think they should slow down a bit and wait for me…I’ve created images of Ben when he was just a tiny newborn, when he was up and crawling, and now, he’s […]

Portrait Photographer Newport RI {Monica & Eric}

Jul 9, 2010

Monica and Eric introduced me to Brenton Point State Park,  one of the most magical parks I’ve been to- if I had discovered this place as a kid, I think I would have tried to convince my mom to let us live there.  Lots of hidden nooks and secret paths.  And glowy, heart melting sun… […]

Portrait Photographer East Bridgewater MA {Teeny Tiny Gianna}

Jul 7, 2010

Such a fleeting time…They stay this little for what feels like a second. This expression just steals my heart… Little elbow and fingers…who knew they could even be so cute. Gianna, You are one sweet little angel :)  I can only imagine how much you make your mommy and daddy smile…