Katie has the enthusiasm of a 7 year-old child and the aged grace of an 80 year-old woman. She grew up in Massachusetts, but dig down a little you will find an eccentric, off beat quality reminiscent of her untamable, Australian birthplace. She is instinctively compassionate and nurturing, but also excitable, creative, spontaneous, and so very funny!

As an artist, Katie has the rare ability to take an old story we know by heart and engage us in it like it’s being told for the first time. Her photographs have a mystical feel to them.

They capture moments, colors, gestures, human exchanges, and so many intricate details that often go unnoticed. They remind us of all the secrets, miracles and oddities that reside in this thing we simply call, “life”.  I recommend taking a long look at her photography, and when you are done, take another good, long look.

Her photographs will grab onto your uvula (the thingy in the back of your throat) and tug. Sometimes it’s a gentle tug or even just a tickle -other times you will gasp, and your eyes will water up with emotion.

You will learn Katie’s patience and thoughtfulness in the details of her photos, you will hear her ten different laughs in each moment that she captures, her poetic words will whisper out from each image, and you will come to know her wisdom when one of her photographs seems to explain exactly how you feel, or in many cases what you did not know you felt.

– R. Mahoney